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FRE Breakfast & Lunch

Cafeteria Procedures

We encourage parents and family members to enjoy lunch with students.  If you choose to do so, please check in at the front office with your ID to receive a visitor sticker. Parents are welcome to sit with their child in the Community Room during their assigned lunch time. In addition, parents may only bring food for their own child. Due to limited seating in the Community Room, we ask that parents follow the schedule below when making plans to attend lunch with their child.  Please contact us if you have a conflict with this schedule. Falcon Ridge Elementary will not accept lunches delivered by a delivery service such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc. Parents can drop off lunches for students. If dropping off lunch for students, ensure that it is done prior to the student’s lunch time. If the Community Room closes for lunch due to campus events, notification will be sent out to parents through the campus webpage and Facebook page. The campus is closed to visitors during STAAR testing.

Lunch Times: Scheduled day parents can attend lunch:

Green House 10:40-11:10          Wednesday
Orange House 11:05-11:35          Wednesday
Red House 11:25-11:55          Tuesday
Purple House 11:45-12:15  Friday
Blue House 12:05-12:35          Thursday
Yellow House 12:25-12:55  Thursday
Teal House 12:45-1:15          Monday